Who we are

Founded in 2017 by two oke’s from Cape Town, “Home Is Kaapstad” was simply a phrase we started using over our morning coffees at Deluxe a.k.a. our head quarters, well, meeting spot. We found ourselves looking for things to put this phrase onto, from stickers, #tags and next came threads and basically overnight we had a clothing brand on our hands.

With no prior knowledge in the textile industry, we started with designing t-shirts to overseeing the full run of our first production and quickly learned that our garments were 100% locally made but still not 100% local due to the material being imported. We fixed this issue, and our garments are now made in Cape Town with love and our fabric is manufactured in Durban. When you purchase our garments you are supporting small businesses in South Africa, fair-trade working conditions but most of all local brands. We strive to be a lifestyle brand that is edgy, local and above all, proudly Capetonian!